The first time people see a cannabis oil dropper, it can be intimidating. After all, this dropper looks nothing like a tincture dropper (which looks like an “eye dropper”). An oil dropper looks like a small syringe which might conjure images of addiction. But an oil dropper is nothing more than a dispenser for releasing a small amount of concentrate. Droppers are a cost effective method of boosting your personal cannabis experience.

The oil in our UKU Droppers is already activated so its ready to use without additional preparation. Add a tiny drop to whatever you are eating and you’ve got a homemade edible. Do keep in mind that a 0.5 gram dropper could have 300-400 mg of THC compared to an entire package of edibles that is maybe 100 mg. See what I mean about cost effective? Your price per mg is significantly less with a dropper. Remember to be cautious with edibles generally, and especially with activated concentrates. Our motto is Start Low and Go Slow – try a little bit at a time and give it plenty of time to have an effect.

If you enjoy flower, you can try a small amount of oil from a dropper added to joints and blunts to increase the potency of your smoke. Or load a drop onto a dab tool and light up your favorite rig. It turns out this little package of oil has all sorts of uses.

To use a dropper, unscrew the cap and pull it off. Push the end of the dropper  lightly and slowly to release a drop of oil. Pro Tip: If the oil doesn’t release easily, run the closed dropper under warm water to help the oil flow.

Remember that the activated oil in the dropper may be more potent than you’re used to, and if you’re new to cannabis this may not be the best way to start off. But, experienced cannabis consumers will find that a dropper in your stash bag is a handy thing and it comes with a great price per mg of THC!